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Q – Should I just go to the hardware store or shop online to buy my locks?

A – Sure you may save a little money initially, however there are many reasons we see daily why you should really speak with Featon Locksmiths first otherwise you may end up buying the incorrect lock.

It may not be suitable for your insurance company, be fire rated, fit in the existing hole of the door, be suitable for steel frames, be easily installed without expensive tools, suit the door thickness, be able to be keyed alike to your existing key, be suitable for outdoor use, be suitable for a fire exit. You may also end up paying for multiple locksmith visits to finish the job. Save time and money and call us on – 02 4341 4984 for a free on site survey or pop into our new shop at 3/330 West St Umina Beach for over 22 years of experience and get the right lock first time.


Q – But can’t I just get my house keys cut at the engraver, hardware store, shopping centre or shoe repair shop?

A – Yes, you can get keys cut at these locations. However almost all of these shops and employees do not hold a NSW Master Licence or Individual Security Licence. Meaning no police checks or locksmith qualifications. For 100% confidence in who is cutting the keys to your family home or business, always use an experienced NSW master security licenced company like Featon Locksmiths.


Q – Why does my alarm keep going off for no reason?

A – There is always a logical reason why your alarm system is going off, most likely it is a tamper, power or low battery problem. These are 24 hour faults and are usually easily repaired. Call us or pop into our new shop at 3/330 West St Umina Beach for over 22 years of experience and get your alarm system back up and running.


Q – I cannot get my key out of my lock, what can I do?

A – Firstly you need to try gently, if this doesn’t work STOP immediately and do not continue to try. Call us on – 02 4341 4984 or pop into our new shop at 3/330 West St Umina Beach for over 22 years of experience and get your key out and repair the cause on the spot.


Q – Why would I need back to base monitoring?

A – Back to base monitoring ensures someone is going to follow up an alarm event. It could be a burglary, but it can also be a low battery, a broken siren, a window left open or a smoke detector event that could get the fire brigade over ASAP. So it’s much more than just about burglaries, back to base monitoring ensures your alarm system always stays healthy.


Q – Can I buy my CCTV cameras online and get you to install them?

A – Unfortunately no. After many years of installing internet/department store customer supplied system we are longer able to provide this service. Why you may ask? The CCTV market is huge and there are many companies selling a lot of cameras, most of them are not worth the plastic they are made from. When they fail they will simply send you a repair or replacement after you uninstall everything, box it up and send it away. Meaning we will need to visit multiple times and it ends up costing more than a good system first time. We will only supply and install our own high end CCTV cameras now as we choose specific brands and models to ensure the system will be covered under a good warranty and last a long time.