Restricted Master Key Systems

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Featon Locksmiths can design and install a Restricted Master Key System  specifically for your needs, using years of master keying experience and state of the art software. A Restricted Master Key System is a secure, convenient and money saving way of keying as many as ONE lock, or HUNDREDS of locks within a specific keying structure.

This means you could have a Master Key (MK) work every lock in your premises, and the Gardeners Key (GK) work only the side gate and shed. Once the Restricted Masterkey system has been installed, only the “system signatories” can order new keys, this prevents key holders from simply making a copy from the local hardware store. All keys are cut and controlled by Featon Locksmiths, by installing a Restricted Master Key System you only need to issue staff with ONE key, this ONE key then has access to only the areas you choose.

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